Small business resilience toolkit

A toolkit to help your small business prepare for a disaster.

The small business resilience toolkit provides a framework for small businesses that may not have the time or resources to create an extensive plan to recover from business interruptions.

This toolkit is based on best practices and is designed to educate you on basic business resilience activities and approaches.

These resources will guide your company towards addressing preparedness issues, while building the flexibility to handle potential business disruptions.

The toolkit is designed to lead any business, even one with no disaster experience or knowledge, towards greater resiliency.

This toolkit includes basic tools focused on a business's ability to be informed and readily able to determine specific actions that will enhance its resiliency against disasters and potential interruptions.

This toolkit will help you

• Identify the business activities that are essential for continued operation during a disruption • Plan for risks that affect your business

• Create an easy-to-use resiliency plan tailored to your business, giving you a plan in the event of a disaster

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