How To Use Zoom.

Many of us are having to go from in person meetings to online meetings.

I have done a very informal info session via video if you wanted to watch, click here:

It shows you how to set up a Zoom meeting and how to do a Zoom webinar.

Or, if you prefer to read, I have looked around the web for a good rundown, and I found this one to be the most informative on how to set up a Zoom meeting, for the host and the participant:

And here is a good article about how to hide your background in Zoom:

If you are inviting people to Zoom who have never used it, it might be helpful to them to send them a little message or email when you are sending the link with advice, such as

  • test your microphone and audio before you get to the session.

  • When you turn your video on, we will see you and your background. Please make sure that you put anything away that you don’t want others to see.

  • Turn your phone to silent and your notifications off.

  • Shut down other tabs so that Zoom can run smoothly without having to compete with other open Apps running in the background.

  • When you sign in, you may be unmuted. If so, everything you say will be recorded and heard by all participants. You can mute yourself.

  • The session will probably be recorded. Please let the host know if you don’t want the recording.

I have just finished and have qualified as a certified eCommerce Marketing Specialist, meaning I seem to have a heap of knowledge in my head that may help you in your business. 🤓 And with 12 years of online experience, I'm here to help you.

Please ask the questions you have.

Then I know what I can teach you, instead of wondering which piece of my brain would be most useful for you. 😂

I hope you and your families are healthy and well.

Take care,

P.S. There is a whole bunch of info in my online marketing school that may interest you:

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