Here Are Your Tips on How to Sell on Instagram for Free

Insta is making it easier for us to set up our platform to make it easy for our customers to buy from us.

It's like having your own mini e-commerce site!

That Millions of people look at without you having to spend a cent on pushing them there :) Thanks Insta!!

Let's chat about how to set it up so you can sell from it, yes, for free!

1. Optimize Your Instagram Business Profile/Bio.

Make sure you have a Business profile, not a personal one. People are starting to use Instagram as a search engine e.g. they can search hashtags like #giveaway If you have a Business account (which is free), you can grow your business by using the Instagram tools such as Ads, Guides, Reels for shopping, shopping stickers, links etc.

  • Have a look at your profile image, this should be the same as your logo, so you are branding yourself consistently across all of your platforms/packaging/services.

  • Choose a simple name - probably your brand name

  • Use the 150 character description well. Have it in shorter lines, not just 1 long sentence, Use emoji's instead of words to save character. I suggest only having 3 lines, and the last line being a visual call to action, with a verbal to to action (like fingers/arrows pointing down) so that you are directing people to your website/link. E.g. 🔽🔽Click here to shop 🔽🔽

  • In the bio, explain who you are, the benefit of you’re offering, and what makes you different.

  • Have a # in your bio that people can use to show your products e.g. Hashtag us on #aussenskin to show us your glowing skin!

  • If you have a few places to direct people and not just 1 website or landing page create a Linktree link.

  • Think of your highlights as tabs of your website. Don't have more than 5, as this is the amount that shows up on mobile.

2. Set up Instagram Shopping to Sell Products Instagram Shopping allows you to create an Instagram shoppable feed and a digital, shareable product catalog right on Instagram.

You will have to have a Facebook shop set up using Facebook Commerce manager first. With Instagram Shopping, people can learn more about your products and purchase your products directly from the app (with Instagram Checkout) or click through to complete the order on your ecommerce store.

In order to have Instagram shopping, Insta asks that you have:

  • You have an active Instagram business account

  • You own an ecommerce website (Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.)

  • You connect your Instagram profile with a Facebook page

  • You sell eligible physical goods

  • You comply with Instagram's merchant agreement and commerce policies

3. Create Instagram Stories Shopping Think about Instagram Stories as the 'behind the scenes' of oyur business. People LOVE getting a look in on what's going on. It helps you connect to your audienece in a completely different way to your Instagram feed.

Now you can also sell from Instagram Stories!

Cool hey? Shopping stickers: Use them to tag physical products in your stores. There are four types of stickers, including a shopping bag icon, a sticker with a product name in rainbow or grey, and translucent text. Swipe up: Once you reach over 10k followers, you can add a “swipe up” to your Instagram Stores — another big opportunity to promote products, blog posts, and sign-up pages. 4. Run Instagram Giveaways

Everyone loves a giveaway, and they are great to direct people to your website/landing page, collect information and retarget a warm audience at a later time.

Make it super simple to enter, and make sure you are doing something that suits your target market. If you are asking people to take a photo/video of them using your product, but your target market are scared shitless about getting in front of a camera - that certainly won't work for you! Some tips for creating a successful Instagram contest:

  • Determine your prize. It doesn’t have to be something big. You can offer a discount, a free gift, a free consultation, a book, a sample of your latest product, or anything else as long as you know it’s valuable and relevant to your followers.

  • Decide how people will participate in your contest. You can make two or three simple criteria for entry, like “follow this account, like this post, and tag a friend below.”

  • Be sure to include the hashtags #contest, #giveaway, and #yourbrandname in your giveaway post.

5. Don't be a ghost.

Social media is meant to be social, people come there to get away from their normal lives and communicate/watch other people.

When you have created an audience, interact with them. Answer comments, ask them questions, follow them back, comment on their posts, tag them, reshare their posts, be polite and respectful. I jump on the $1.80 App to make all of this easier. Check it out here:

6. Use the Instagram features to your best advantage.

IGTV for tutorials, how to's, behind the scenes.

Reels for interactive videos, add effects, and stitch the video together right within the app.

Guides to showcase your products or do tutorials.

If you want me to have a look over your socials and share any tips and give you strategies to grow, best book 1/2 a hour to have a chat:

I wish you every success.

Take care,


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